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Gestoría Serra offers comprehensive tax and accounting advice tailored to the needs of every business and its nature. Our extensive experience in advising companies allows us to offer high quality accounting and tax services. In particular, our services are:

Ongoing tax and accounting services
  • Resolution of accounting and tax queries
  • Tax planning of investments and periodical meetings
  • Analysis of partners-company taxation
  • VAT: specialized advice on this matter
  • Tax and accounting closing: assistance pre and post Closing
  • Corporate Income Tax: planning, calculation and tax return
  • Annual Accounts, report and related legal documents
Diagnostic-review of the current tax and accounting position
  • Detection of non-applied tax benefits
  • Review of tax and accounting criteria
  • Analysis of accounting internal procedures
  • Tax risks detection
Tax and accounting management
  • Bookkeeping and maintenance of accounting records
  • VAT and invoices records and books
Personal Income Tax – flexible compensation systems: tax optimization of compensations paid to Directors, managers and employees.
  • Companies incorporations
  • Assistance in Tax Audits, Tax litigation
  • Special reports on taxation and accounting matters
  • Binding Tax Rulings from the Spanish Tax Authorities

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