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The labour department has a team of professionals with extensive experience in human resources of all kinds of businesses, providing assistance which serves the best interests of the client in terms of contracting, personnel wages and salaries, Social Security settlements, pensions and any other issues arising in the employment sector.

Some of these services are listed below:

  • Incorporation of companies and opening of new workplaces.
  • Processing formalities for new or departing staff, their leave, and variations in their employment conditions with both the general and special Social Security sectors (self employed, domestic staff, agricultural employment etc).
  • Advice and management of employees contracts.
  • Monitoring and notification service for expiry of contracts.
  • Personnel salary calculations and settlement procedures.
  • Compilation of salary lists and summaries.
  • Calculation of Social Security contributions.
  • Processing and handling temporary incapacity formalities, and occupational accident reports (Delta System).
  • Postponement of Social Security payments.
  • Regular and annual personal income tax declarations (forms 110, 111, 190 etc).
  • Analysis, preparation and processing of Social Security pensions in the case of retirement, invalidity, widowhood, orphans etc.
  • Advice and processing of all formalities required by foreign workers.

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