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The Gestoria Serra legal department provides advice in every aspect of your assets and equity both in corporate and administrative terms, depending on the clients needs regarding their private or business affairs. The assistance we offer ranges from resolving issues in one-off consultations to drawing up and preparing documents and providing assistance with formal documents issued before a Notary Public, including taxation corresponding to each business and recording this information for official purposes, as required.

We provide solutions in the following specific areas:

Civil Sector and Property and Assets
  • Legal advice in respect of property business, drawing up contracts of all kinds such as rental leases, sales etc.
  • Assistance with signature of notarial documents.
  • Registration formalities for property: Declarations of alterations, condominium divisions, difference in land measurements, inscriptions.
  • Constitution and cancellation of register charges.
  • Settlement of property transfer tax and stamp duty and completion of the formalities in the appropriate Registers.
Corporate sector
  • Incorporation of companies, capital increases.
  • Amendments to corporate articles, appointment of Boards of Management
  • Sale and purchase of holdings/shares or companies.
  • Dissolution and liquidation of companies.
  • Business agreements and contracts.
  • Community of property (Comunidades de Bienes), non-stock corporations (Sociedades civiles) and other kinds of corporate set up.
Family law
  • Wills and testaments
  • Donations
  • Inheritances and legacies
  • Declarations of official heirs
  • Payment of inheritance tax

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