Gestoria Administrativa | Gestoría Serra

We are experts in carrying out all the official formalities required by any public authority on behalf of our clients. We have over 35 years experience in helping our clients process all formal documentation and procedures required by the Island´s Authorities.

The extensive services that we provide include the following::

  • Procedures and formalities with Property Registers and Business Registers at local and national level: Here at Gestoría Serra we have extensive experience in managing documentation procedures and processing notarial deed formalities for private persons and legal entities such as companies, financial-bank institutions, etc. We provide services in this area that range from assistance for signature of the title deed before a notary public to definitive registration of the transaction with the property register and the associated tax settlement, all in coordination with our legal and tax departments.
  • Formalities carried out in Movable Property Register
  • Formalities carried out in local and national Civil Registries
  • Formalities carried out at the local Land Registry ("catastro")
  • Obtaining permits:
    • Opening business license and music licences/price lists/official registers and complaint forms
    • Certificate of occupancy ("cedula de habitabilidad")
    • Hunting license
    • Health authorisations
    • Tourism licences

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